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Spirituality is the foundation of my work. I try to express. Not too much filled, so the viewer including myself will have the opportunity to get himself something to do. My work should be perceived as music is experienced. Music is vibration inside your ears and your sense of perception / feeling experience in various images / emotions will be transformed. Good music / art is fascinating, because the depth of the layers is unlimited and we always can see/feel from a different perspective . Like a polished diamond, which when turning and moving our eyes always sparkle with a different touches, but it is still the same diamond. Bach is among other things, my role model. Every day I can listen to  his cantates no time starting to get bored. It deepened, enriched and may be comforting. I really would not compare me with greatness as a Bach and ... I could also mention others, in other ways with another discipline do have their light shine. No, I mention no other names, for there must be something left to guess right? But when I  with  my work a little one can achieve what these grandeurs with their exciting work doing with me then I succeeded.

 I will not keep me busy with -isms. Although there is common ground to be found in my work with the abstract expressionism. My work is my sense  of experience anything but abstract.


 There are some experiences, which limits we have set ourselves, do exceed.       


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